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You Wouldn't Leave the Dog...So Don't Leave the Wolf!

Investment For Life

If you’ve ever weighed up the investment purchase of Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances against wondering how long you might actually stay in the house where you plan to install them – you’ll be thrilled to find out that you now have one less thing to worry about!

When you purchase your very own Sub-Zero & Wolf appliance, you make an investment for life. But what exactly does that mean?
Well, hand-built to last on average 22 years (but in practice, much longer), with Sub-Zero, your fresh and frozen produce will be preserved at optimum conditions for longer, reducing waste and unnecessary shopping trips, allowing you to gain the very best from your nutritious and favourite foods.

And from Wolf, you will enjoy for years, the ease of preparing any number of meals from Asian-style wok cooking, to baking, to roasting, to dehydrating, to griddling…the list goes on.

But what you most probably didn’t know, is that when you purchase a kitchen from Trends, it really is an investment for life, because if you ever move out we will help you redesign the kitchen that suits your taste at no cost!

As the original registered owner, if you ever decide to move house, we will collect your beloved Built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator or Wolf range from your home, bring it back to our HQ to fully clean and recondition it, looking and performing like a brand new appliance, for many more years to come.

That really is – An Investment for Life!